Young Old Man Power...?

OLD MAN is a relative term. 

We can all agree that in most circles a 70 or 80 year old man is well aged. But what about a 30 or 35 year old man? Amongst the 70 year olds, not so much.

...But put him on a sports team with a group of 20 year olds and he's an old man in their eyes. He is starting to feel the creaks and cracks of his years and if he still keeps up and even out performs the young breed, then he is the OMP of the group. I've been there, and believe me you feel the age difference even more when you go out for drinks to celebrate a team victory and watch the insanity of 20 year old males in a bar! 

A few of us at OMP Respect have also lived on the other side of life, where people die young. When you make it through, every birthday feels like a blessing. So you celebrate them with great enthusiasm and pride.  

For these reasons we knew not to judge when we came across this man of aproximately 30 years old proudly wearing his hat with "OLD DUDE" boldly written on the front. He was slinging breakfasts at a great greasy spoon we were stopped at. When we asked him about the hat he said his daughter bought it for him.

Wait...He has a daughter who is old enough to go buy him a hat?! Apparently so. And While he may not be as OMP as Big Ernie celebrating his 70th, he's still her OMP and thats all that matters.


Do not fear growing old. Embrace it. It is a priviledge denied to many.



"with a little luck, most males grow old. But not all become a man"

- Craig Kivi OMP President


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