It started as a joke. But the joke got a little more serious. The more we said it, the more pride we felt with it "OMP. OMP OMP...."

It would ring in my head all the time. As I was riding. As I was drinking. As I was eating. Or even during intimate moments with my woman. Actually not that last one. Just seeing if you're paying attention to what you're reading.

More and more we found ourselves chanting it out at each other during random moments of cool. "OMP, OMP, OMP." Especially things usually associated with our younger selves. Burning the back tire off our motorbikes, setting a new record on the bench press, or drinking straight shots of frozen vodka around a hot campfire.

And sometimes, just sometimes, real quietly as one of our single brothers was hooking up with a younger woman at the other end of the bar.

But it actually started much more innocently than that. It started as a reference to the older male's ability to recruit maximum muscle fibre to accomplish a task. huh? What did he just say? Let me explain.

I was in the gym working out with a buddy's younger brother, and the weight I was lifting impressed him. My young friend referred to my source of strength as OMP, Old Man Power. I thought about my step-father. When I was 20 I was full of energy and confidence, but when the heavy lifting needed to be done, he was the man to do it.

Most times he would smile and say something like, "why do you even bother going to the gym?" I probably mumbled something about looking good for the girls. But suddenly I was much older, and probably not as pretty, the young guy's commenting on my OMP.

Then it happened. The infamous bar fight where a small group of older males dominated, yet chose not to decimate a larger group of younger males. It was that instant that the phrasing changed. OMP was no longer something you have. OMP became something you ARE. Defining not just any older male, but a certain TYPE of older male.

An OMP is often someone who has been dragged through the drama and the ups and downs of the darker side of life and has the scars to prove it. But he has come out of it, a wiser man. Stronger on the inside and out. He doesn't care who likes him, or if he fits in. In fact, he doesn't care much about anything at all, except himself, his family, and his closest brothers.

Now, many years since being given the label OMP in the gym, and many years since the infamous bar fight, without even trying, OMP has taken on a life of its own. 

OMP language is spoken in gyms and bars all around north america, and it is even spreading through Latin America, England, and Europe. OMP is growing and deserves to be recognized and respected. It is with that in mind that we developed this site. To pay tribute and respect to our growing brotherhood.

Come check us out often. We may be old but the site is still young. So we are still growing. We would love to hear from you to let us know how we could continue to make it better and better.

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"with a little luck, most males grow old. But not all become a man"

- Craig Kivi OMP President


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