Grammy Awards, Demons and Dive Bars

So people are saying that the way rock and metal bands were slighted at the 2017 Grammys is a signal that rock and metal are dead? Unless you've lived in a cave or are simply not a metal fan, you already know. So I feel no need to re-iterate the happenings, but for what its worth here are my thoughts on the subject.


Awesome. It's all the way it is supposed to be. Metal lives in the hearts and minds of those on the fringe. It's not a mainstream thing and it's true audience doesn't live mainstream lives. How out of touch the Grammy committee are can quickly be proven by the fact they still think of David Bowie being current rock. 
The true metal audience does not want their beloved music to become even remotely mainstream.
They so vehemently fight the notion of mainstream that when even one of their own garners mainstream respect, they abandon that band. Ask any long term hardcore metal fan what they think of Metallica and you will see my point.
Metal is not meant for those who hide in comfortable chairs in million dollar high rise condos. Metal is meant for those of us who still wear leather, jackets. 
Metal is for those of us who have to ride motorbikes, lift heavy weights, crush someone's dreams in the ring and drink a bottle JD with friends afterwards. Preferably all in one day and then rise to do it again tomorrow. All just to calm the demons and darkness that live inside of us.
Metal is for those of us who are bored by the humdrum and generic-ness of the Las Vegas strip and go looking for old vegas where spontaneous and dangerous things can still happen. 
Metal is for those of us who would skip the commercialism of today's Hollywood Blvd and go hit every dive bar in Van Nuys. Look, heavy metal is for people who didn`t have to find those dive bars on Yelp.
If you're not one of us, you wouldn't understand. And that's not just ok, it's actually the whole point. 
Am I "triggered" by the way metal got treated at the Grammys? Not one bit. I've been smiling about it for days. 
Because I know the annoying hipsters only latch on to what the mainstream says is cool, and if the mainstream music industry chumps are saying Metal is dead causes even one poser to stop pretending that they belong in the metal community, then I am happy. Very happy. 
And metal will still live on just fine wihtout you, out here in the fringe.☠️☠️☠️

"with a little luck, most males grow old. But not all become a man"

- Craig Kivi OMP President


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