Ronda Rousey Could Still Kick Your Ass


No self respecting OMP wants to admit the girl pictured above could kick your ass, but if you're an out of shape middle age couch potato lets get this clear right now. Ronda Rousey could still kick your ass.

That's right. Just because Amanda Nunes proved she's tougher, doesn't negate the fact that Rousey could annihilate and embarrass your flabby butt. 

If you're offended thats ok. But read on and let me explain. First, if you've never stepped in the ring in your entire life then you simply have no right to trash talk.

You can however use her example to hone your instincts. There are some important lessons to be learned when watching such a promising career unravel so quickly.

Lesson #1 - stick with what got you paid in the first place.

This rule could also be titled, "if it ain't broke don't fix it." In her early matches in the UFC, Ronda Rousey was hip tossing people and submitting them in arm bars at the speed of light.

Anyone who can end matches in 14seconds deserves some respect. Sure, she lost her last match in 48 seconds but Rousey wasn't exactly fighting the average woman. Amanda Nunes deserves respect too.

In 2007 Rousey won a bronze medal in Olympic Judo. If there is anyone out there who thinks this is no big deal since it was "only" bronze, think again.

If you've never done Judo then I have no way to explain to you just how tough you would have to be to even rise to the level of representing your country at the Olympics in a sport like Judo. And then to place 3rd in the world at that moment, truly an awesome accomplishment.

Here is my point; after all this she decides to employ a totally different strategy and stand up and trade punches and kicks with an incredibly accomplished kick boxer in Holly Holm.

Wait, what? ...Why?!?!? ....Miss Rousey please, stick with what got you paid in the first place.

It has always been my belief that the blame for this fatal decision lies squarely on the shoulders of none other than UFC president, Dana White.

I believe he got in her ear about being a one trick pony and told her she needed to do something different so fans don't get bored of her. Of course we all know the reason he would do this is because he was worried that if fans got bored, the money she was raking in for the company would stop.

She was his gravy train at that moment and he sacrificed her career in an attempt to keep it coming in. Tsk tsk Dana. Tsk tsk.

Lesson #2 - Be careful who you surround yourself with.

Ronda Rousey's boxing coach, Edmond Tarverdyan has to get some blame here. He has coached her long enough that she should not have been standing and working the way she was in this last match against Amanda Nunes.

As a friend of mine who is a kickboxing coach in Winnipeg Manitoba so simply put it on his feed, "Her footing, her shoulders, her chin...everything was out of place!"

He's right. I've watched this match over and over, and over. I'd been trying to figure out what was going on and the only conclusion I could come to was she had a horrible striking coach.

He had two responsibilities. The first one was to make her a competent striker. This may take two people, he has to be able to coach and she has to be coachable.

I know first hand, coming from a Judo background my striking kinda sucks. Hey, I'm working on it. And I feel it's safe to say Rousey suffers the same problem.

His second responsibility to her was even more important. It would take honesty, and the willingness to ignore his own agenda. His second responsibility was to simply admit to her, "Hey miss Ronda Rousey, you are not there yet."

That's right, he should have looked her in the eye and told her straight up to stick with what got her paid in the first place!

But he didn't. He had to have known. I'd have to seriously wonder how he could work so long in the field and not know. But His motivation to encourage her was simple.

If Rousey fluked on a striking victory then he would get fame and fortune.

We need to be careful who we listen to, and always question their motives. Once again, someone who gambled with Rousey's career in order to make themselves some bankroll, and it most likely cost her that career. Hopefully it will cost his too, but only time will tell that for sure. Tsk Tsk Edmond. tsk tsk. 

Now back to my first point. If you're a flabby arm chair warrior you have no right to laugh and cut her down at this point in her career. She could still kick your butt.

If there were no fans, no media, no Dana White, and no money on the line and you had to face Ronda Rousey in a back alley. Her natural insticts would kick in, and she would hip toss your butt into the concrete and break your arm in oh, about 14 seconds. Maybe less. 

By the way if you're interested in changing your fate by getting in shape or getting involved in fighting sports, I highly recommend it for everyone. It doesn't have to be as competitive as you think it is.

And despite the tone of this article, it really isn't as angry as it seems. I've been in clubs and dojo's all over the world and one thing they all have in common is a sense of brotherhood, and respect for each other, no matter what level a person may be.

And testing yourself on the mats or in the ring is one sure way to not only grow and change physically, but as a person as well. You become less critcal of the world and learn not to critisize others for losing a match.

Because you will know just how much effort, determination, and sheer guts it took just to get to that match.

 Karate....Its not just for kids folks! 

"with a little luck, most males grow old. But not all become a man"

- Craig Kivi OMP President


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