Patience is a virtue

OMP...Old Man Power. Such a broad term. I mean broad as in wide, not your women. Hailing from Northwestern Ontario, I think about the OMP 's in my life when I was young and dumb.


...and they ran the gambit of race car drivers, woodsmen, salesman, postmen, mechanics and teachers. You may not think some fit the build, but they all did. All rugged, tough and tumble even though some had a semi polished look at times.

They also had another thing in common, they did what they had to do to take care of their own. In a lot of circumstances it meant hitting lakes, trails, rivers and woods to find quarry for the table.

It is with these OMP's in mind that we pay tribute to in this article and articles to follow. Tips, tricks and maybe a fewstories (bullshit or true) about fishing, hunting and the general outdoors. Things learned from our OMP forefathers which we can pass on to the up and comers.

If you could think of one attribute an outdoorsman should have, what would it be...a keen eye, attention to detail, sharp hearing? I believe the one thing we all learn with becoming an OMP is patience. Patience in the boat, patience in the stand, and patience in the blind.


It's not that we get old and slow down, it's the conscious decision to take our time, think things through, and rely on our knowledge gained over the years to curb the outcome of our experience in our favour.

So with this in mind, next time you're on the water and the fish ain't biting, or if you're in your stand and nothings moving, remember all the things you may have learned over the years. Make a mental checklist and cross things off when they are taken care of.

For example, is the wind right? Am I in the right spot? Should I have skipped that cup of coffee and bran muffin. But in all seriousness, take your time, channel that knowledge. We know by now when it's time to get our asses in gear right?

Or so I've been told....

"with a little luck, most males grow old. But not all become a man"

- Craig Kivi OMP President


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