Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Rally

The OMP Respect Road Crew checked out the Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Delta, Ontario this weekend. We figured with a name like "Old Bastards", we would definitely see a few OMP's. We were not dissapointed. What we also saw was a number of good people, and a collection of assorted vintage motorcycles of all makes. Throughout the campground various merchants had set up camp and were selling their wares, and one of these fine folks was a seamstress. It is there that we overheard our resident rockstar and Personal trainer, Craig Kivi, Discussing the details of having her design a pair of one of a kind rockstar jeans. We can't wait to see them and make fun of them!

There were the usual assortment of motorcycle games with some talented riders and maybe even more talented assistants. After the games there was a mouthwatering BBQ chicken meal, followed by a dance with live entertainment. THe OMP Respect Crew took a full feed at the BBQ, but we chose to opt out of the dance in order to get some more road time in. All in all it was a good time at a great location, The Beverly Lake Campgrounds in Delta, Ontario. If you live even remotely close to the area and have an interest in vintage motorcycles and meeting some friendly OMP's, I highly suggest checking out some of their events.

"with a little luck, most males grow old. But not all become a man"

- Craig Kivi OMP President


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